Driving with Due Regard

After the pager has sounded, you will need to respond to the station (if not already there).  Safety is by far our number one priority.  You must follow ALL traffic laws while responding to a call. If you have your portable radio, you should call dispatch while enroute to the fire department (except on Structure Fire/Alarm Calls).  Trainees are not to make first contact with patients; therefore, responding to the station is expected.  Once at the station, you should park alongside the building or in any open parking stalls in the parking lot.  Ensure you are wearing appropriate attire.  If it is a crash or fire call turnout gear is required.  Enter the station and get in the back of the ambulance.  Often the ambulance will already be pulled out of the station if another member is present. In this situation you just hop into the back and you’re on your way.

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