EMS Division Chain of Command

Whitewater Fire Department, Inc. is overseen by a board composing of 3 fire members, 3 EMS members, and 1 city representative.  This board delegates day to day operation to the Fire Chief and Assistant Chiefs, who in turn oversee the department.

Current Board Members

  • Joe Uselding – President (3 Year Term)
  • Chis Christon – Vice President (2 Year Term)
  • Scott Brautigam – Treasurer (3 Year Term)
  • Ron Kelly – Fire Division (1 Year Term)
  • Jim Elder – EMS Division (2 Year Term)
  • Kathy Meyer – EMS Division (1 Year Term)
  •  – City Council Representative

Department Officers

  • Don Gregiore – Fire Chief
  • Mike Higgins – 1st Assistant Chief
  • Bob Gabbey – 2nd Assistant Chief
  • Tom Weidert – EMS Division Chief

EMS Division Officers

  • Scott Brautigam – EMS Division Captain
  • Kathy Meyer – Administrative Liuetenant
  • Shannon Schepp – Equipment Liuetenant
  • Ashley Vickers – Training Liuetenant


Mentors on the EMS division of the department are here to help you transition through the training program.  If you have any questions, feel free to email, call or text a mentor you are comfortable with on the list below.  This group is responsible for ensuring you successfully complete the training program, and makes the recommendation for you to come off of the program. Contact information for the Mentors listed below can be found in EMS Manager -> Members.

  • Tom Weidert (Chief)
  • Scott Brautigam (Captain/Co-Lead Mentor)
  • Ashley Vickers (Lt)
  • Andy Rowland (Co-Lead Mentor)
  • Peter DeRosier
  • Jessica Gardner
  • Samantha LeQuire
  • Raechel Liska
  • Karen Macklem
  • Sarah Pieper
  • Mel Taylor