Whitewater Fire Department EMS Division has four ambulances in its fleet.  These squads are rotated around 1st through 3rd out, with the oldest being designated the “fire rig”. 1280, 1281 and 1283 are all Ford E-Series van with the ambulance package, and are all laid out in a similar fashion.  1282 sits on a Ford F-550 truck chassis and has a different configuration than the other rigs.

1282 was purchased in 2016, 1283 in 2012. 1280 is currently the oldest of the rigs.


1280, 1281, and 1283 Go-Bags

These rigs have three go-bags: Truama, Airway and Med.  These bags each contain all of the supplies needed for that type of situation.  Trauma contains various dressings, tourniquets, and clings; Airway contains various airways (SALT/ET Tube and Combitube), an oxygen tank, oral and nasal adjuncts, eye protection, etc; and the Med bag contains an IV start bag (various IV sizes, IV tourniquets, alcohol pads, tachiderms), IV fluids, all of our medications and a sharps container. Each bag should be reviewed so that you know where something is when you need it.

1282 Go Bag