Scheduling – EMS Management

On-Call Hours – EMS Manager

The rescue squad currently requires 72 hours per quarter of on-call time, preferably divided into 24 hours per month.  To remain in good standing, you must complete these hours.  Responding to a scene when off-duty does not count towards your on-call time.

To sign up for hours, go to:  There, you will log in with your starting information.  Consult the training packet or one of the mentors for your starting username and password.

A view of the EMS Manager navigation bar after logging in.

Click on Work Schedule.  By default, you should see the primary truck at a week’s glance.

Shifts are broken down in 4 hour increments, however you can select a smaller shift if you need to start later or end earlier than it is set to.  You should always take the higher slot available to you.  If you are an Advanced EMT, this means you should be in the EMT-I slot if it is open, and as a Basic EMT that means you should fill in the EMT slot before the EMT/FF.  Trainees have their own slot that only other trainees have access to, so you will not be fighting with the general membership for hours.

Any shift that you have signed up for shows in a Yellow bar.  A Blue bar denotes a shift signed up by someone else.

Click on the purple sign up box and complete the form to sign up for hours.  You can change your start or end time.


Trading Shifts

At times, you will be unable to fill a shift that you signed up for.  If time permits, you are required to find a replacement for your shift.  You can start by hovering over Work Schedule in EMS Manager and click on Trades.  You will see shifts you can trade under My Scheduled Time, shifts you have already put up for trade under My Requested Trades, and trades available from other members under Available Trades.

A look at My Scheduled Time, My Requested Trades and Available Trades

If no one takes your trade on EMS Manager, you may have to contact individuals and ask for them to cover your shift.  You can find contact information for members under the Members tab in EMS Manager.  In most cases, you will be able to find someone to cover your shift if you ask them.

Request Off

If no one is willing/able to cover your shift, you can contact the officers and request they remove you from the schedule. To do this, email with the shift that you need to be removed from and the reason you are requesting off.  Without a valid reason, you will most likely have your request denied.


You can modify your profile information by on the picture icon in the navigation bar on the far right.  Here, you can correct any mispelling in your name, update your phone number, change your password, and modify any notifications you wish to receive.

Calling in Sick

At some point in your carrier with the rescue squad, you will probably end up sick.  If this happens before your shift, attempt to cover your shift by contacting other members.  You should also request off if unable to find someone to cover.

If you wake up for a page and realize that you are sick, you should inform dispatch/your crew.  If you are the Advanced EMT on the call, or it’s a two-person crew, dispatch should be requested to do a second page, requesting an additional EMT as one is sick.


Within EMS Manager, there is the library tab which hosts a variety of different files that are pertinent to all members. Most important, this is where you will find a copy of the Whitewater Fire Department, Inc. Constitution and By-Laws, the Whitewater Fire Department, Inc. and Rescue Squad policies and procedures, and the Fort Health Care EMS Protocols.